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Acuvue Bifocal Contact Lenses

Acuvue colored contact lenses


Immersed in buffered saline solution are 6 visibly tinted UV blocking lenses




42% polymer (etafilcon A)

Other Info:

An inside-out "123 indicator" is contained in Acuvue Bifocal contacts to help ensure correct application.

The tint is designed to help locate the contacts in solution. These Acuvue Bifocal contacts are not planned to change eye color.

Johnson & Johnson

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Contact Lens Description:

Bifocal gives you convenience, comfort, and quality vision. Enjoy the fresh, clean lenses for 1-2 weeks, then simply replace them with fresh lenses.

You simply put them on and go, you won't find out that you have to consider about that which part lens to use. Because it has five invisible, concentric partitions that allow you to see clearly at varied distances.

It was a technological breakthrough when the number one contact lenses producer Johnson & Johnson, developed the ACUVUE BIFOCAL Contact Lenses.That is because ACUVUE BIFOCAL is the only contact lenses with "PUPIL INTELLIGENT DESIGN".

Once you put them on, you can forget about them the rest of the day because ACUVUE BIFOCAL Contact Lenses are super easy to use. Also other convenient features include:

  • They go on right the first time -An inside-out indicator.
  • You can easily see them in the case and on your finger - Visibility tint.
  • Fit your lifestyle - Flexible wear schedules.
  • ACUVUE BIFOCAL Contact Lenses block approximately 86% of the UV-A rays, and 98% of UV-B rays - UV Blocking.
  • Promotes exceptional comfort - Edge Design.
  • Intended to reduce blurs and halos - Precision Junctions.
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