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Welcome to 1800Color Eye Care Info.

Preparing your lenses for insertion:

a. Wash your hands with NON CREAM BASED soap, rinse thoroughly and dry with a lint-free towel prior to inserting your lenses. A wet finger may cause a soft lens to flatten or stick to your finger when you attempt to insert the lens.

b . Avoid using fingernails to insert the lens.

c. Do not work with your lenses over a sink; you could lose one down the drain.

d. Pour the lens and storage fluid from the lens case into you palm, inspect the lenses for particles, deposits, small cracks or tears. Upon opening your new lens package, ensure that lenses sit in fresh solution for 4 to six hours, followed by proper cleaning instructions. (section on Cleaning Your Lenses).

e. Place the lens, cup side up on your dry index finger.

f. Make sure the lens is not inside out. If it is, reverse it. If it is right side out, (correct) position the edges will appear almost straight up. If it is in the (incorrect) position the edges will flare out.

g. Hold the upper lashes and eyelid against the bony ridge just below the brow and hold your mouth open as wide as possible at the same time, to prevent blinking.

h. Pull the lower lid down using your middle finger. Look up so that the white of your eye is showing.

  • Place the lens onto the exposed white of your eye and move the lens onto the center of your eye with the lower lid.

j. Remove your finger and release the lid. Lower lid first and then the upper one.

k. Look downward to help, then close your eyes momentarily.

l. If your lenses feel dry or if your vision is blurred, BLINK HARD several times. If the redness or blurry vision persists after blinking apply one or two *comfort drops (eye drops for soft contact lenses) available at most pharmacy locations. If your vision is still blurred remove your lens and consult an eye care professional.

m. Repeat this procedure to insert the other lens.

It is also recommended to place solution in your lens carrying case and carry it with you at all times. You may have to remove and store your lenses.


How to remove your lenses

  • Wash and dry your hands.
  • Place your index finger on the lower eyelid of your right eye and pull the eyelid down.
  • Touch the edge of the lens with the tip of your finger.
  • While looking up, slide the lens downward to the white of your eye using your index finger.
  • Still looking up and holding the lens under the index finger, move your thumb so you can compress the lens lightly between the thumb and the index finger, then gently remove the folded lens from the white of the eye.
  • If you have difficulty removing the lens, place a few *comfort drops in the eye, wait a few minutes and try again.

Upon removal, place the lens in your palm ready to be cleaned. Followed by placing the lens in the case with fresh solution.


Cleaning your Lenses

  • You must clean and disinfect your lenses each time you remove them.
  • Wash and Dry your hands with a lint free towel and place the lens in your palm.
  • Squeeze several drops of daily contact lens solution into your palm.
  • Rub one side of the lens with the solution against the palm of your hand using you index finger for about 5 to 10 seconds, in a back and forth motion. Turn the lens over and repeat the cleaning process after adding a few more drops of solution.
  • Rinse the lens thoroughly with more solution.

You are now ready to disinfect your lenses. Carefully follow the solution manufacturer’s instructions.


Storing your lenses for disinfection

  • Fill your case with contact lens disinfection solution. Place your lenses in the storage case. If a soft lens dries out, it will shrivel and can break easily.
  • A dried lens can be re-hydrated in the recommended solution. Check it for rips or tears, then clean and disinfect it (you must store the lenses for a minimum of 6 hours to complete disinfection process) before re-inserting into your eye again.
  • Never store soft lenses in tap water, mineral water or anything other than sterile soft lens solution as there is a risk of infection.


Making cleanliness a habit

To maintain good vision and healthy eyes, keep these Guidelines in mind:

  • These lenses are for cosmetic purposes and should only be worn for 6 to 8 hours at a time. Never sleep or nap with you lenses in your eyes.
  • Apply your cosmetics after you have inserted your lens and remove cosmetics after removing you lenses. Water based cosmetics are less damaging to your lens than oil based.
  • Avoid handling of your lenses for too long before inserting them or you could cause an eye irritation.
  • Never swim while wearing your lenses. You can lose them or they will become contaminated.
  • Do not get lotion, cream or spray in your eyes or on your lenses.
  • Never skip any step in your lens care. Cleaning by itself is not enough. You must store your lenses in fresh solution daily for a minimum of six hours to disinfect.
  • If your lenses are uncomfortable take them out and clean them. If irritation persists consult an eye care professional.
  • Never wear a torn, damaged or contaminated lens.

Lenses are fragile and easily torn with excessive handling. Always use proper care when handling your lenses.


New Lens Wearer Starter Schedule

  • It is important to read and understand all the directions listed here and accompanying your new lenses and solutions.
  • Always inspect you lenses before each wearing to be sure that they are free for nicks, tears, defects and particles.
  • We recommend starting with the wearing schedule below.

Hours of Wear




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