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A truly excellent service, thank God for saveonlens! I hope they are around forever! They have a very wide and complete selection, even items that can't be found on other sites. They are very up front and don't hesitate to call you to inform you of any issues with extended lead times and such. Keep up the good work guys!

I was very pleased with the service at BuyLensOnline. It took 11 days to ship my lenses, but that is because they are not a stock item (Toric Lenses) and that was explained to me at the time I inquired about the lenses. I received them 3 days after they were shipped and they were exactly what I ordered and the expiration date was not until 4 years.I had a few questions before I placed the order and received a polite and quick response, they also emailed me when the lenses were shipped.

I recently ordered contact lenses from and was a little worried, as I found some negative reviews. However, my experience with them was pretty positive. I ordered on a Saturday, and the lenses shipped on Thursday. I chose the cheapest shipping option as I wasn't in any hurry, and I got the lenses on the next Saturday, making the total time from order to arrival exactly 1 week. Didn't need to use the customer service, so no comment on that. One thing that was a little worrying, but in retrospect makes sense is that when I tried to track the package once it had shipped (through USPS), all I got was "Electronic Shipping Info Received". The status never updated until I actually got the package, after which it said "Delivered" :). A person at the post office once told me that for prepaid labels, it's completely useless tracking them, since the first time they are scanned is when they are delivered! I found this out this bit of information when sending a prepaid return envelope through the mail - he told me that since I paid for express return, it would come back fast, but the tracking wouldn't work because unless the business went to a post office to drop off the package (which most dont do), it would not get scanned at pickup, and the first scan would in fact be when it was delivered back to me. The same thing happened here, but it kinda gives the impression that the thing wasn't actually shipped when they said it shipped.

Shipping took longer than expected, good prices, overall excellant experience.

This is my first time using BuyLensOnline and I am very happy. I was on my last pair of contacts and I needed some soon. I read other reviews and was a little worried, but the entire transaction was great. The web sites is very fast and easy to use. They also had multiple ways to pay for them including Paypal. They had very fast shipping with tracking information from USPS. I knew that day they were gonna get to me. The contacts were exactly as I ordered and were not expired or anything of that nature. They didn't even expire till 2013. I would recommend them to anyone. I actually saved about $5 by ordering through BuyLensOnline instead of 1800CONTACTS. I will buy my contacts from them from now on.

I am extremely satisfied with my purchase from To be honest, at first I was kind of worried the the site may not be legit, but that wasn't the case. I ordered (from a credit card) the Freshlook Colorblends(no power,blue color) on wednesday at 12 pm and received my package saturday morning (standard shipping $6.99). I was so happy when I got it and was surprised to see it come so early. There are 6 individually wrapped contact lenses in one box. I am going to continue to use this website from now on.

Thanks for the free shipping and low prices. I saved $40 right off the bat with you guys!

You guys have been very good about sending me my contacts on time and clearly stating all the information about my contacts on your webpage. Keep up the great work and I appreciate your effort to always improve on an allready exceptional job.

I needed a replacement contact lense. Other web sites did not have my exact prescription. saveonlens had my prescription!

This is my third purchase from saveonlens. Re-ordering was very easy. Thank you Save On Lens.

Save-on-lens is my #1 choice on contact lens. They're the best. I got my lens 7 days after I sent out the money. That was a great timing. I will recomend all of my friends and family to save-on-lens.

I was extremely pleased with the prices here compared to at my optomitrist. I am also happy that the contacts will come straight to my door. Thank you.

I received a personal phone call from a Save-On-Lens representative because my contact lens prescription had two different B.C. numbers for each eye. This was correct, but the rep called to make sure that I didn't make a mistake on the order form. I was so impressed with that service! In addition, I like their shipping method of USPS Priority Mail with a confirmation number. I was able to track my order but pay less than UPS. My whole family (4 people!) uses Save-On-Lens. Thank you for a great job!

Save-on-lens has saved me a ton of money since I found them online over a year ago! Best service out there- best value, too. So glad I found them!

I will continue to order my contact lens needs from saveonlense. I love the convenience of being able to order on line and, in the past, when I was unable to order on line, I was given the option of ordering via postall mail via a print-out form. Shipping was very fast, e-mail communicatinon was always very prompt and very courteous..answering any and all questions I had regarding ordering and/or the products they sell. saveonlens will always have my business, and I plan to recommend them to my friends in the future.

I have purchased contact lens from save-on-lens in the past and have been satisfied with their prices and timely shipping.

They were great. I had a few questions the because it was my first order and they responded within 30 minutes. Now that makes you feel like your shopping right there in the store.

I was sent several notifications and the tracking number for my purchase. After a Christmas shipping fiasco, I find it very important to have the merchant supply the shipping information. BuyLensOnline was prompt, competitively priced and very thorough in thier delivery. A good shopping experience!

I received my contact lens sooner than I ever have and everything was right and in order. A great experience !!!

I had my contacts in a couple of days. No problems at all. BuyLensOnline saved my husband and me about 40% on the price of our contacts over what our optometrist quoted us.

Very easy to place an order. Pricing is one of the lowest around. Usually anything lower than what I found on this site has a quantity or amount requirement. For example, you need to order at least 6 boxes to receive the price thats around 50 cents cheaper per box. I love it that this site saves your previous order information. Sometimes I will forget what my base curve is and all I need to do is pull up the previous order and there it is. Very easy to check out and before you know it, the package is at your door.

Our lenses were shipped free of charge by priority mail, and we received them less than a week after placing the order. BuyLensOnline rates a perfect 10 in my book! They did a great job.

Ordering process was MUCH better than other lens sellers. Others make it very difficult to order more than one prescription in a single order -- which means paying multiple shipping charges if more than one person in a household wears contacts or (as in my case) someone wants to buy both bifocal and regular disposable lenses. BuyLensOnline has solved that problem!!! Order was recieved in a timely fashion. I will definitely buy again from them.

They were quick to respond even on the weekend and let me know that my billing address wasn't correct, when I sent them the correction they responded immediately and I had my lenses in 3 days.

The web site was easy to navigate. It also was easy to place an online order. The price for my lenses was excellent. Delivery was as promised.


Always easy ordering, competative pricing, and quick delivery. Fantastic site!

My contacts were shipped within 24 hours of placing my order. I liked the multiple email confirmation messages. I'll definitely use this company again for future contact lens purchases.

Great Experience. Resolved an order question quickly. Priority mail tracking was a bonus. Not only did the merchandise come quickly but they threw in 2 bottles of eye drops. I highly recommend BuyLensOnline for quality and service!

Quick, easy, as promised, good price I checked out several web sites for purchasing contact lenses, and BuyLensOnline had the type of lense I need for my prescription (not available from two web sites) at a lower price. And, I was really surprised and pleased with how fast the lenses were delivered to me. I'll definately be a repeat customer!

Quick Shipping, Excellent Condition!!! Will buy from them again!

I called the customer service number and they answered all of my questions and concerns. One time I got their voicemail and they called me right back. I faxed the prescription to them and the order was shipped immediately. I was even able to track its progress on the USPS web site. Great Deal!

I saved $17.00. Excellent communications and fast delivery. Everything went according to plan: no back orders, confirmation of order, confirmation of shipping, shipping on time as promised.

The best thing about this contact lens site is the ease of ordering. There is no confusion about pairs of lenses. Great system. Excellent!!! It couldn't have been more perfect. Thank you.

Speedy delivery and great prices!!! I have told my friends, they're the best!!!!

I was very skeptical when I ordered by internet. Everything was handled great!! I will certainly be back when I need more contacts.

Price was right. Service was good. I forgot to spec. color of the lens. Somebody from customer service contacted me. We received order in time.

Quick service and better prices than the doctor. Also much easier as our doctor requires payment before ordering. So this saves me two trips across town. Very prompt. Free shipping on order sold me!

The service was outstanding. I'm stationed on a U.S. Navy ship in Sasebo, Japan and I received my contacts in nine days. Thank saveonlens!

The order was processed and shipped immediately. It was exactly what I ordered and arrived in just a few days. I was very pleased and will definitely order from this company again.

Great prices, great service, 0 hassles! Fantastic!!!!! I would and will definately do business with again!!! Great service!!!!!!!!

I compared prices at other sites and save-on-lens had the best prices. I also liked not having to pay shipping and handling fees. I had my lenses in just a few days as promised. I will be a return customer

These same lenses cost me 3 times as much and took 6 weeks to get from my eye doctor. Becasue my lenses are kind of weird thay were back ordered by this company but I still received them within 2 weeks. Same lenses, 1/3 the cost in 1/3 the time. I'm sold!

I shopped around, and Save-On-Lens offered the best price on my contacts. Additionally, my package arrived within 3 days. speedy and convenient.

I placed two orders with Save-on Lens. They were both filled perfectly and very quickly. What a fine company to do business with. I would certainly recommend them to anyone. Thank you for the fine service.

The contacts are great. I also appreciate the free shipping by USPS Priority mail with delivery confirmation. I could track when it was shipped.

Excellent prices. Fast shipment. Huge savings compared to other sites. Tremendous savings from the prices charged by my opthamologist! My contacts were shipped the day after I ordered, and arrived 2 days later. I was very impressed with their promptness.

My contacts were shipped the day after I ordered, and arrived 2 days later. I was very impressed wiht their promptness.

They have the best prices on the lenses that my husband wears. Quick and free delivery. What more could I ask for?

I scoured the internet for the lowest prices. BuyLensOnline has THE lowest prices on the net. Fast shipping too. The best prices I've found on the web for contacts. Quick service, too.

Great, fast, service. Highly recommend!

Excellent customer service. This is a great no hassle way to order contacts. I was surprised (and very thankful) to receive my lens within a couple of days.

The contacts arrived in perfect condition and BuyLensOnline is the cheapest place that I could find to buy contact lenses. I would reccomend this online store to anyone. Also, my order arrived in just a few days and that is a lot faster than what my doctor could have gotten my contact lenses to me. Thanks a bunch...

Their customer communications to clarify my order was wonderful. Delivery was prompt and accurate. Pricing is good. great prices, fast delivery! Best prices I found on the internet for the particular lens I wanted. They were delivered to me even sooner than was expected!

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